The Winner from the Hawaii Bridal Expo Contest

The Winner for the Hawaiianpix Contest for
 $1000 in vendor Gift Certificates is……
Cynthia Acierto
Roland Busque
They registered online for the contest. She and Roland were one of hundreds of entries that registered online and in person at the Hawaii Bridal Expo last weekend at the Blaisdell.


We asked Cynthia and Roland to do a selfie with their gift certificates upon arrival and they did. This incredibly grateful couple were so happy about winning, we spoke with them multiple times after they won, and each time Cynthia would say…


 ” We never win anything! Thank you so much!”
The fact is:This SAME $1000 GIFT PACK can a part of YOUR WEDDING!

Find Out How

Congratulations again to our winners and to our vendor partners, of our expo give away of over $1000 in gift certificates, Cynthia and Roland!

5 Tips For Brides To Be

Hawaiianpix is proud to be the preferred wedding photography vendor for David’s Bridal in Hawaii. Our nearly 30 yrs. of wedding photography experience have uniquely positioned us to assist brides with their weddings. These simple tips will help you survive your wedding day with a minimum of stress and a maximum of fun. We’ve made a practice of communicating with our brides about their needs, budget and dreams. Doing this has helped us to ensure that we know how they want their wedding to proceed and by extension be recorded by us. This leads well into Tip #1

1) Talk To Your Vendors & Be Candid!

We look at each of our brides and grooms as not just clients but an extension of our company Ohana, our “family”.  Just like your family, they all have a very different idea of what they are looking for. It’s our job to interpret those needs and provide them with the best possible wedding photography based on their ideal wedding. In a nutshell we listen to your brides.

wedding picture in hawaii It’s our job to help them turn what they see their day being,  into a memory of their perfect day. To do this we need to be their very best friend the day of their wedding.

2) Hire An Experience Professional Wedding Photographer

Your plan is to get married once and it does happen for a lot of people. This means you have planned and been a part of at least your wedding.  An experienced professional photographer, may have been to hundreds even thousands of weddings in their career.

Bride and Groom funThis is a huge opportunity for you as a bride. First of all your photographer should be an excellent resource on times of day to photograph, how to properly light their subject as well as be prepared for the ” unexpected. While we never like to think something will go south during the wedding, any professional will tell you there is always something that will.  While your Aunties best friend might own a great camera and cost you less or nothing at all, to photograph your wedding.  What will you do if something goes wrong with that camera?  More importantly what will they do?

3) Budget Your Expenses Accordingly

One of the most important things to do is to work the percentages for your wedding. There are ” national averages ” that you can find all over the internet for the cost of a wedding. These are based on geography mostly but the bottom line is there are percentages that can be applied to all weddings. From the most intimate affair to the most extravagant, if you set your budget and stick to it, you will be much happier after the wedding than if you don’t. Your photographer should be aware of how your budget may affect your bottom line and help you to stay on budget. Here is an example to assist you.

Wedding Cost Percentages based on professional services

Figures Courtesy of The Knot

No matter just how much you plan to spend on your wedding, simply take these percentages, apply them to your total budget and you will have solid numbers for the services you are planning to use for your wedding.

4) Simple Is BEST!

If you’ve ever taken an art class, design class etc. you have probably heard the expression Keep It Simple.   It is easy to make things complicated, people sometimes believe “the more the better” This just isn’t true for your wedding. ( especially your guest list that keeps on growing)

bride groom alone


Keeping the ” style of your wedding” simple and fresh, creates a wonderful, peaceful atmosphere. Everyone is relaxed including you. All the details have been handled because they didn’t number in the hundreds to begin with. Here our groom waits to see his bride for the very first time,  with a simple flower lei. The only flowers she will wear the entire day. Traditional Hawaiian Wedding Style, Simple and elegant, easy and comfortable.


Ok it is easy with the budget, the stress of meeting deadlines, fittings for your dress, flower choices, cakes…… blah blah blah, to forget that this is supposed to be a fun celebration of love & life!

Bride on a scooterWho needs a LIMO?  When you have a friend with a scooter? Arrive in style at your reception or wedding. Make sure to include something fun for your wedding party, parents & reception guests. Blow off a little steam and enjoy this! After all it is YOUR DAY!

LogoThe Wedding Photographer Oahu by Hawaiianpix Photography is the preferred photography vendor of David’s Bridal In Hawaii.   – Aloha





Wedding Planning Tips

WPO and You

Wedding Planning Tips from WPO -Wedding Photographer Oahu

 Recently Engaged?

_CA55973 Navarro surprise proposal

Getting engaged is so exciting and the possibilities for your dream wedding begin to swirl around in your mind. We like to help brides keep the fun in their planning and enjoy the days leading to their big day. We have worked with hundreds and hundreds of brides over the years.

Here are 3 things we recommend doing right away:

1. TALK – Talk to your fiancee, your friends, and figure out what your dream wedding really looks like in your mind. Talk to experts who have been there and can help you plan. Don’t rely on Yelp or one friend’s opinion, talk to your vendors and ask questions. We offer FREE wedding phone consultations, so call us and TALK! We would love to meet you face to face too if possible. We love to talk story and share our experience and expertise with you.

_CA37824-hovells close up (2)

2. MAKE A LIST – Go old school, make a list on paper or if you prefer an iPad, wherever it works for you best but make a priority list. What are your MUST have’s? What really matters to you both? Pick one non-negotiable item each.



3. MAKE A BUDGET – Budget doesn’t have to be an ugly word, it is purely a tool to help you with step #2. If you know what you realistically want to spend, then you can achieve those MUST have’s you always dreamed of for your wedding. We offer custom photography packages that will work for you. Only want photos before and during the ceremony? We can do that! Do you want just reception photos and a few formals? We can do that too. Repeat Step #1


You have so many details to work out- why not let us help you?

We offer FREE consultations, flexible packages, VALUE ADDED gift certificates, and tons of wedding day experience, all to help you plan the perfect day.

Book your 3 hour+ wedding with us and receive over $800 in gift certificates to use for your wedding services! Including these great vendors:


DES Logophoto

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Our Winner From The Jan. 2015 Bridal Expo

Congratulations to Farrah!

She was our winner of the $500+ in Gift Certificates from our drawing at the Hawaii Bridal Expo.

Here’s a photo of Farrah with all her goodies:

20150207_155953 (3)

Here is her post on Facebook!

Farrah FB screenshot

So how can you win like Farrah???

We have an event this Sunday at The Nailery you can attend and enter to win too!—Cake-Bridal-Spa-Day.html?soid=1101739199832&aid=g4Xw8CbGmiA

Spa Day invite

We hope to see you there! Good Luck and Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at


The Hawaii Bridal Expo – Our Contest Winner is ….





Hawaii Bride Wedding Photographer Oahu


Farah Will Receive $500 in gift certificates

from our wedding vendor partners


And Ohana Chiropractic, Healthy by Design.


or visit The Wedding Photographer Oahu

We want to thank all of the brides who entered, You helped to make the Expo a success.


Come Meet Us At The Hawaii Bridal Expo

Meet Hawaiianpix-
Wedding Photographer Oahu
At The Hawaii Bridal Expo!

16,17 & 18th

At the Neil S. Blaisdell Center

Wedding Photographer Oahu - Hawaiianpix Photography
Wedding Photographer Oahu
by Hawaiianpix Photography

Actual Customers, Actual Honesty…. Actually

As a wedding planner, Jerry & the team at Hawaiianpix have serviced various wedding clients of mine and each and everyone has been delighted with their work. He is always a joy to work with, flexible, playful yet professional. Always on time with a fast turn around on the images. I highly recommend them to all my clients and have them on my preferred vendor list of wedding photographers.

I love these guys!

Nicole K
Honolulu, Hawaii
Fun, Exciting & Memorable
Every bride is unique in their very own way. Your life experiences, personality, dreams and plans all come together on this one incredible day. Many brides agree, this is the single most important day of their lives.
Anything that precious, that important, deserves to be saved forever. That’s what we do! We have been telling brides’ stories for over 25 years in Hawaii. Doesn’t your special day deserve to be told, professionally?
Just as no two brides are alike, neither are those that help them tell their stories. 

  Recently Engaged

We offer FREE
consultations, flexible packages, “VALUE ADDED” pricing, and tons of wedding day experience, to help you plan the perfect day. 


A David’s Bridal, Bride?

Ask Us About Our Preferred Vendor Special

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Wedding Photography , Beyond The Camera

WPO and You

Wedding Photography, Beyond The Camera

Trends in the Details

Gone are the days of traditional details


Here are a few popular trends that are being seen:

– Artistic, free-flowing photos telling a new story
– Non-traditional venues:
– meadows, rooftops, art galleries, & coffee shops.
– Wildflower, countryside feel to flower arrangements
– Interactive, stationed receptions
– Metallic cake designs
– Heirloom, or antique, designs in jewelry
– Gold accents with vibrant color runners
– Shabby Chic decor, mixing the old with the new, the shiny with
the distressed.

 Ashley B

   Actual Customers, Actual Honesty…. Actually

” We used Hawaiianpix twice – once for a familyreunion and the other for my daughter’s wedding. I can’t think of a better photographer on Oahu!”

Keith H.
Waianae, Hawaii


Think of all you plan for your wedding day from the flowers, to the cake, to the perfect band for your reception. The number ONE thing that will last as long as vows you take and the love they inspire, is your wedding photos. Long after the cake is consumed, the flowers dried, and the dress boxed away, the images of your wedding day will always be there to treasure. 
Why trust something so important to anyone but a professional? We offer FREE consultation, flexible pricing, and a ton of wedding day advice based on our experience. 
Call 808-387-0869 Today- tell us about your ideas and the wedding story you hope to create.

 – Aloha